Sunday 13 January 2013

City of Women

Finished January 13
City of Women by David R. Gillham

This novel is set in 1943 in Berlin. Sigrid is a middle class German woman, married to a Kaspar, a man she is no longer sure she loves. Kaspar worked in a bank before he was drafted to the Eastern front. Sigrid became involved with a man she met in the cinema, a man whose story both intrigues her and angers her. He is a Jew, but she hasn't seen him lately. When the girl, Ericha, assigned as mother's help for her downstairs neighbour asks her for an alibi, she becomes interested in Ericha and what she is up to.
When the new neighbour across the hall turns out to be the wife of a high-ranking officer, Sigrid finds herself drawn to the woman's sister and brother.
With everyone having secrets, and with the stories they tell about themselves covering their secrets, Sigrid finds herself with more and more secrets of her own. She must make choices and puts herself in danger as she moves forward with a life helping others.
A great homefront war story centered on an ordinary German woman who begins to find herself in more and more extraordinary situations. I really enjoyed this read.


  1. You know I love war stories, I'll be checking this one out.

  2. Really pleased you enjoyed it. Thank you for your kind review. All the best - David Gillham

  3. I know you do Irene. You will definitely enjoy this one.

    Thanks David. It was a great read. I'll look for your next one.