Monday 21 November 2011

Shatner Rules

Finished November 20
Shatner Rules: your guide to understanding the Shatnerverse and the world at large by William Shatner with Chris Regan
I was never a watcher of Star Trek, although I did catch the occasional episode in after school television and I was working at a movie theatre when the first Star Trek movie was released. I never watched the other shows Shatner was in either, but became more interested in him when I came across a Youtube clip of a serious stage performance he'd done. This book is humour and memoir, philosophy and marketing. Shatner tells of his past, his acting career, his life, his habits, and his passions. Using the construct of actor's ego, he makes himself bigger than life, while talking of taking chances and being open to new ideas. Shatner is an interesting man, but Bill is even more interesting. From horses to songs, mindfulness to talk shows, we learn what he is up to now and why we should be interested. I am.

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