Friday 18 November 2011

Better Living Through Plastic Explosives

Finished November 17
Better Living Through Plastic Explosives by Zsuzsi Gartner
A very interesting collection of short stories that I would call "what if..." stories. Stories that take something from our lives, a trend, a news items, an observation on society and take it to an extreme and see what happens. From the adoption of Chinese baby girls to aging sixties activists living suburban lives, Gartner takes everyday society in Canada today and says "what if". Thought-provoking and mind-boggling, this collection will have you reeling.


  1. I didn't know the premise behind this book before. You've bumped it way up my tbr list!

  2. That's great John! Well worth the read. And at just over 200 pages, not a long one.

  3. glad I'm not the only one who found it a bit mind-boggling. :)

  4. I loved this collection! Hilarious and scary all at the same time!

  5. Interesting that you also found it mind-boggling Alex.
    Yes Shan scary and hilarious covers it