Friday 18 November 2011

The Affair

Finished November 16
The Affair by Lee Child, read by Dick Hill
I always love the Jack Reacher novels and this was no exception. Dick Hill captures his voice perfectly, a great match for the series. Here, we reach back to 1997, when Jack Reacher was still in the army. The Affair tells the story of the event that began Reacher's wandering life. Reacher was a major in the army and an MP. When he is sent to small town in Mississippi, where there is an army base, his task is unusual. He is to be undercover, located in the town, rather than on the base, and to find out as much as he can around the recent murder of a young woman. It is suspected that, because the woman spent a lot of her time socializing with soldiers, a soldier may have been involved in the crime. Another MP Major is stationed on the base. Reacher discovers quickly that things are not straightforward and that he may be on a mission his career will not survive.
When Reacher meets the local law enforcement, he discovers that more has gone on in this community that he was told, and as he uses his army friends to gather information, he finds more about people on or connected with the base. Fast-moving, with a great plot (and some great sex scenes that Dick Hill brings to life!) this is a winner of a tale.

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