Friday 20 May 2011


Finished May 19
Divergent by Veronica Roth
This novel is set in a Chicago of the future. Society has been divided into 5 factions based on natural tendency. The Abnegators think of others before themselves; the Amity are always trying to find compromise and make people feel better; The Candor see things in black and white and always tell the truth; the Erudite seek knowledge and wisdom; and the Dauntless are brave and protect the community.
At the age of sixteen, young people take an aptitude test telling them what faction they have an aptitude for. The following day they choose their faction. They don't have to choose the faction that they have an aptitude for, but most do.
The main character here, Tris (Beatrice) has an unusual experience during her aptitude test and is told by the tester that she shows aptitude for more than one faction. She is told that this is dangerous and that she must tell no one. Tris now has to decide which faction she will join. Will she stay with the Abnegators where her parents are or transfer to another faction. Tris's brother Caleb is less than a year older than her, and is also choosing this year. Once you choose a faction, you must go through an initiation. If you fail, you become factionless, without a community, and are essentially homeless.
Tris decides to change factions to Dauntless and finds the initiation grueling, and very educational. This is a very interesting book that begs for a sequel.

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