Sunday 15 May 2011

Crewel Yule

Finished May 15
Crewel Yule by Monica Ferris
This is a nice light mystery, part of a series featuring needlework store owner Betsy Devonshire. Here, the events take place at the Nashville Needlework Market, an event for needlework shop-owners. Here the event is moved from its usual February time slot to mid-December.
One of the shop-owners falls from the ninth floor to the lobby level below, or did she. Present here besides Betsy are here employee Godwin, and a Milwaukee policewoman, Jill. Jill is in town for a police conference, but is stuck at Betsy's hotel due to bad weather.
When the death occurs, Jill takes charge until the local police arrive, and asks for Betsy's help. There is no shortage of people who would want the victim, Belle Hammermill, dead, but Betsy's attention to detail helps them make the connection.
Humour, good mystery plot and interesting location (at least for a stitcher like me!) made for a good read.
This was a Christmas present that I finally got around to reading.

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