Friday, 27 August 2010

Thriller by Canadian Author

Finished August 25
Switch by Grant McKenzie
Set in Portland, Oregon, this fast-paced thriller follows the character Sam White. Sam is an out-of-work actor now working as a security guard in a shopping mall. As he returns home after a night shift, he finds his house a smoking ruin and two body bags being removed from it. After falling into despair, and being questioned by the police, he receives a package with a cellphone in it and the cellphone rings with a call that tells him his wife and daughter are still alive. To get them back alive, he has to commit a series of violent acts that make no sense to him. As he tries to follow the instructions given him, hoping his family is safe, he meets Zack Parker, also a victim of the unknown caller, and the two begin to compare notes. They work together trying to stay one step ahead of their tormenter and figure out his identity.
I read this book in one day, and also did a variety of other things, so it was definitely a quick and engaging read.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my debut thriller, Shonna. I'm so very pleased that you enjoyed it - reader feedback so far has been phenomenal. More reviews are available on my website at on Chapters and