Wednesday 11 August 2010

Canadian Short Stories

Finished August 11
Vanishing and other stories by Deborah Willis
I noted the blurb by Alice Munro on the cover of this book: "The emotional range and depth of these stories, the clarity and deftness, is astonishing."  And the promise conveyed in that sentence was not disappointed. This is a very engaging collection of stories that all surprised me in some way and made me read more closely.
Willis brings out so many realistic stories from so many disparate characters that I am indeed astonished. I have always loved short stories, but these really grabbed me. The main characters were old, young, male, female, and often looking back at past events. She made me feel the reality of these people's lives and yet let me see them from outside as well.
I absolutely loved her writing and will be looking for more of her.

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