Friday 27 August 2010

One I Didn't Read

Not Read
The World Above the Sky by Kent Stetson
I was attracted to this book as it was by a Canadian author who's won a GG award. However, I didn't get far. Before I got to the end of the first chapter, I was entirely disenchanted, crawled out of the top bunk I was reading in, announced to my roommates that it was so badly written I had to get another book to read. It seemed to pack in so many plot elements that it was trying to include something for everyone. From the living grail and the Knights Templar, to the Cathars, to the Vikings, to the Goddess, to seal women and native legends it had it all. I particularly disliked the "soul temporarily leaving the body" business.
I was particularly annoyed that I'd actually bought the book. I did find a taker for it among the other women at my retreat and hope she finds something in it that I didn't.
Since he's won a GG for drama, perhaps his plays are better.

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