Wednesday, 24 February 2010

OLA Superconference begins

OLA Superconference 2010 kicked off this evening with an amazing plenary session. 

John Ralston Saul, Adrienne Clarkson, Nino Ricci, Jane Urquhart, and Mark Kingwell talking about the Penguin series Extraordinary Canadians of which they are some of the authors. Humour, insight and even a bit of hockey!

The discussion among them ranged from clothing to parental influence to creativity to happiness.  Ralston Saul's device kept going off when a goal was scored in the Olympic hockey game just to add an extra touch of excitement to it all. 

Extraordinary Canadians discussed this evening were L.M. Montgomery, Norman Bethune, Glenn Gould, and Pierre Trudeau. And it ended on the note of calling "Heathcliff" out the window on one's honeymoon (it's more common than you might think!)

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