Thursday 11 February 2010

Great Mystery

Finished February 10
Old City Hall by Robert Rotenberg, narrated by Paul Hecht
This is an absolutely outstanding mystery. It has it all, great characters, great plot, great setting, good pace. And the audio version is great with the narrator's voice slightly gravelly and just perfect for the book.
Radio personality, Kevin Brace, the "voice of Canada", meets his newspaper delivery person every morning with a slice of orange and and smile, while drinking his today. Except for one morning, where he isn't there right away and when he appears, he has blood-covered hands and confesses to murdering his wife.
After that Brace stops talking and won't say a word, even to his lawyer, whom he communicates with in writing only. A conviction seems certain.
The police investigating the case include a seasoned homicide detective and a fairly new police officer (who turned to the police from a career as a lawyer after his brother's murder remained unsolved). They are both good at noticing things and both look at the aspects of the case very closely, finding new things to think about as the case moves forward. Also on the case is a fairly new Crown attorney, for whom this is his first homicide case. He also has his own thoughts about his role, and how that is played out for the best outcome. So very many interesting characters, with so many interesting things going on in both their personal and professional lives.
A wonderful read, with good humour as well.

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