Monday 15 February 2010

Engaging Thriller

Finished February 13
Deeper than the Dead by Tami Hoag
Set in 1985, before the days of DNA evidence, this books deals with the case of serial murder of women. The women are found with their eyes and mouths glued shut, and multiple cuts on their bodies.
Taking place in the quiet town of Oak Knoll. The sheriff is a guy who looks forward and one of his deputies has taken some courses from the FBI.
When local schoolkids come across one of the bodies, their teacher Anne Navarre is concerned about how it will affect them. Navarre has had some training in child psychology and want to get the kids the help they need. The parents involved differ widely, from caring and kind, to caring about public appearance, to hard discipline. As we see the case develop, we also see how the kids deal with it, each in their own way, and how it affects each family. A tragic story, but an interesting look at a community and a variety of characters.
Good plot with lots going on.

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