Sunday 17 January 2010

Thoughtful Read

Finished January 16
Dawn Light: Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day by Diane Ackerman
This is a book to take your time reading. From her two homes in Ithaca, New York and Palm Beach, Florida, Ackerman looks at her own experiences and observances of dawn through the seasons. Paying attention to birds, from cranes to hummingbirds, starlings to owls, she includes their actions and her reactions. Talking about art, from Monet to Hokusai and how they portrayed the natural world. Insects from bees to spiders are observed carefully and commented on. All of her writing connects one thing with another, in a way that you know is well thought out and yet somehow still feels like a stream of consciousness.
This book makes you sit back, take a deep breath and pay attention to what the world is doing around you. Which is something we all need to do more often.

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