Wednesday 27 January 2010


Finished January 26
Nothing Was the Same: a memoir by Kay Redfield Jamison
This memoir is a very intimate look at Jamison's life with her late husband Richard. She talks of her own struggles with bipolar disorder and how her husband helped find a way for the two of them to cope with it by applying his scientific mind and methods to it.
She talks frankly about their relationship, how it began and how it progressed, and how much they shared with each other.
She also talks about their struggles with Richard's battles against cancer, how they coped and how their friends helped them in finding assistance and investigating new treatments.
She also talks about how she has coped with Richard's death, about the differences between depression and grief and how her disorder prepared her in some ways to cope with the grief. She talks about how poetry and then music helped. And she talks about how she lives now.
A very frank intimate memoir, this book is well-written and inspiring.

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