Tuesday 26 January 2010

Christmas Mystery

Finished January 26
Holiday Grind by Cleo Coyle
The main character here, Clare Cosi, one of the co-owners of a NYC West Village coffee shop, drinks coffee like it was going out of style. Clare owns the store with her ex-husband Matt, in a building owned by her mother-in-law and good friend. Clare also lives in the apartment above the store.
Just before Christmas, Clare and her staff are developing a line of flavoured lattes for the season, and when their neighbourhood Santa (who came up with the idea of the lattes) hasn't shown, Clare goes out to track him down. She finds him alright, but he is dead and the reaction of the police lead her down the road of her own investigation. Clare's significant other is a NYPD detective and while he supports her in trusting her instincts, he also has a big caseload himself, as well as some other issues.
The book includes a lot of information about coffee, including terminology and how-tos. It also includes a bunch of recipes, that sound really good.

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