Tuesday 3 March 2009

Vancouver Mystery

Finished March 2
Death on a Short Leash by Gwendolyn Southin
This mystery is part of a series featuring Margaret (Maggie) Spencer, a woman who has left her middle class banker husband to be more independent. She has two grown daughters and is now working in a detective agency, where she is romantically involved with the detective, a former police officer. The book is set in the early sixties, and Maggie is tackling her new life with gusto and an open mind.
What starts off as a missing persons case, soon becomes one of murder and intrigue. Elements include a strip club, a suspicious commune, a possible puppy mill, and threats against Maggie herself. The character is an important part of this novel, as are her relationships with family and friends. The plot is interesting, and of the time, and the action varies in intensity as Maggie and Nat follow different sets of clues.

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