Saturday 21 March 2009

Entertaining Listen

Finished March 19
The Beach House by Jane Green, read by Cassandra Campbell
This is definitely a romance, but also more complex than that. It is also about being true to who you are, moral behaviour, and taking responsibility for actions.
The book follows a number of groups of people, separately at first, and then as they engage with each other. Nan married into an old Nantucket family and raised her son there after her husband walked into the sea in an apparent suicide. Her son, Michael, is a jeweller in New York City, never finding the right woman to settle down with, and sometimes making bad choices in the women he has relationships with. Nan's money is getting tight and she decides to open her historic home to boarders for the summer to get some much-needed income.
Daniel and Bee are married with two young daughters, but their marriage is shaky. They are trying counselling, but Daniel has a troubling truth to face before they can truly move forward.
Daff and Richard has recently divorced after Richard had an affair. Their thirteen-year-old daughter has not been dealing with the family breakup very well and is acting out in a variety of ways.
Daniel and Daff both become boarders in Nan's house and Michael returns home, running from the bad decisions that he has made.
Of course, it all works out in the end, that's the type of book it is, but it is an entertaining book, with engaging characters.

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