Sunday 1 February 2009


Finished January 29
Runner by Thomas Perry
My first read of a Thomas Perry book and I quite enjoyed it. The main character in this series is Jane Whitefield. Jane is of Seneca background and has helped several people over the years escape from situations and establish new lives. This novel begins at the hospital where her husband works. A young pregnant girl has arrived looking for Jane, using a name as referral that Jane knows from her previous work.
As Jane and her new charge, Christine, run from those after Christine, they find themselves up against some very tough characters. Christine has got herself into a situation with a man that is way beyond her capability to handle, but Jane teaches her some ways to look out for herself that end up coming in handy.
I really like the Jane Whitefield character. She has her own issues and that makes her come alive. The situations were extreme yet that is whay this type of book is all about. Jane protects those that are vulnerable and that makes for a great story.

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