Sunday 1 February 2009

Award Finalist

Finished January 30
Impossible by Nancy Werlin
This novel is grounded in modern times, but has a strong element of fantasy as well.
Lucy Scarborough is seventeen and lives with her foster parents. When she was born, her mother fell into severe mental illness and left her with Soledad and Leo. The couple had taken Lucy's mother Miranda in when she was homeless and pregnant. Lucy still sees her mother from time to time but the encounters are always disturbing.
Running through the book is a version of the song Scarborough Fair that Miranda asked Leo to make sure Lucy knew and that Miranda still sings when she sees Lucy.
As Lucy discovers her mother's diary and a message that was left for her, she finds out what she is up against. The women in her family have been cursed to fall into madness when they fail to complete three "impossible" tasks conveyed in the song. Lucy is different though, as she is not alone and she shares her information with her foster parents and her good friend Zack. As the group works to help Lucy overcome the fate that she seems destined for, the power of love is a true force in their quest.
This is a teen novel that will appeal to adults, especially fantasy and romantic suspense readers. I stayed up very late to finish this one. And hey, there is a Canadian connection here as well!

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