Tuesday 3 February 2009

Second in a series

Finished February 3
Extracurricular Activities by Maggie Barbieri
This is the second book in the series that started with Murder 101. The series features college professor Alison Bergeron. Here we have her best friend, Max, about to get married and her ex-husband, Ray still hanging around more than she likes. Also hanging around is another acquaintance from college, Peter Miceli, husband of Gianna Miceli, and member of the mob.
Alison is waiting for her wanna-be boyfriend, NYPD detective Bobby Crawford to be free of his previous relationship before she starts a relationship with him.
When a dead body, missing parts, is left in her kitchen, things start going bad. There are more visits from Peter and other unwanted visitors, threats and injuries. There is also another body. Alison just wants to get her job of collecting curricula for her department done, and be with Bobby, but things are not going her way.
I find Alison a great character, and can really get into her. The plot keeps things moving and there are enough unexpected events to keep things interesting. Another good one.

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