Thursday 7 February 2008

Teen Read

Finished February 6
Broken Soup by Jenny Valentine
This book follows Rowan, who is almost fifteen, and now the unofficial head of the household. After her brother Jack's death a couple of years ago, Rowan's family has gradually fallen apart. Her mother has retreated into depression, her father has moved out, and she has ended up looking after her younger sister Stroma, who is now six. Rowan sometimes resents the role of responsiblity that she has taken on, but she loves her sister even while missing her brother. When a young man hands her a photographic negative that he insists she has dropped, she initially dismisses it. When an older student at school, Bee, offers to help her develop it she accepts as a way to gain Bee's friendship. As Bee and her family develop a friendship with Rowan and Stroma, Rowan learns that she doesn't always have to be the only one who cares and that others can also care for her.

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