Saturday 23 February 2008

Mystery Series

Finished February 23
Cries and Whiskers by Clea Simon
This is the third in the series featuring Theda Krakow, freelance journalist and music lover. Theda writes a regular column on music for a Boston paper and picks up other jobs to make a living. She has a cat Musetta and is friends with Violet, a musician who runs a cat shelter. When an animal activist is killed in a hit and run accident, Theda helps Violet try to locate the feral cats near an old bottling plant by the river. Theda is always working on a story about a new pop band that has appeared out of nowhere and is asking questions about their background. In one of her many visits to the clubs, she sees a young girl who has a bad experience with an apparent party drug and starts asking questions about that as well. As she gets answers, she also starts having more questions about these different happenings. She is also looking out for friends who are injured, acting oddly or going through life-changing events. Lots happening, music and cats and events that keep you reading.

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  1. Just a quick note to thank you for taking the time to read and post about my latest mystery! If any of your readers would like to try an excerpt to see if "Cries and Whiskers" (or any of my earlier books) would be to their taste, I do have excerpts posted on my web site at

    Thank you!