Friday 15 February 2008

Great Teen Novel

Finished February 14
Just In Case by Meg Rosoff
I was totally caught up in this great book. It starts with fifteen-year-old David Case rescuing his one-year-old brother Charlie from tumbling out a window and this incident drives David to recreate himself. He chooses the name Justin, and goes to a thrift shop for a whole new wardrobe. This is where he meets Agnes who helps pick his new look and is one of the new people he meets who has an impact on his life. Another is a new friend at school, Peter, who is smart and nice and provides a wise voice and support.
It is hard to describe the book as it is so very different from most novels. Most of the book is told from Justin's point of view, but we also see glimpses from Agnes, Peter, Charlie and other characters. Justin is also caught up in what he believe fate has in store for him, and fate has a voice as well. This is a great look at teenage angst and the sense that many teens have of being very caught up in themselves.

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