Thursday 8 December 2022

Raven Reads Fall 2022 Box

 I've been subscribing to this book package for a while, but not posted about it before. This is a Canadian-based subscription, and comes out quarterly. With each package you get a book by an indigenous author, and other items from indigenous businesses. 

This is a great way to enhance your reading and find new and unique items that are made with care and dedication. 

I love the pattern on the boxes

Inside each box, there is a short newsletter about the contents of the box and a thank you card. The filler has a woodsy smell to it. 

This month's contents included a bag

as well as the book and other items. 

This quarter's book choice was one that was already on my radar as one to read, The Theory of Crows by David A Robertson. I like Robertson as an author and am looking forward to this one a lot. 
Also included are two soap bars, one a facial bar and one for the body. Both smell fantastic. The last item is a smudge spray, an interesting alternative for those situations where burning smudge may not be an option. 

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