Saturday 31 December 2022

Cosy Nook Book Box December

 I received this book a few weeks ago, but forgot to post about it then. This book box subscription includes a book, some snacks and other fun items.

Upon opening the box, I first saw the card for the Give a Book campaign, and a fun reindeer sticker.

Opening the paper gave me a first glimpse of some of the items from socks to edibles. 

Here are the edibles: 

They include a Tim Hortons tea bag (peppermint flavour), some Cadbury mini eggs (something I'd never eaten before), a small Toblerone bar, and an instant cappuccino. 

I next looked at the wearable items:

Here are those fun watermelon inspired socks I saw when I first opened the paper, and a toque that coordinates with the winter clothing items from the November box. I found the toque VERY stretchy, so it would fit any size head. 

There are a couple of cosmetic items:

These are a face mask and a lip mask. Hydrating IS important!

There was a small craft to make a simple Christmas ornament:

And some other nice items: 

The reindeer stick I saw at first was joined by a couple of other cute stickers, a coaster with a holiday theme, and a glass mug perfect for those hot mulled beverages. 

The book was also Christmas themed. 

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I absolutely love it. Thanks for posting.