Monday 7 November 2022

November Reviews for the 16th Annual Canadian Reading Challenge

Add your link for reviews to books read in November. 

Here in Ontario, it's been crazy warm the last few days, but those colder days that make us want to cuddle up with a book inside are coming. 


  1. Finally signed up and just by happenstance, Lucky Man is my twelfth for the challenge! I lost all track of this challenge during the 15th when I stopped getting email notifications. Is there a way to sign up for them again?

    1. Blogger dropped the notification option earlier this year. I'm not sure how to add it back in, maybe an RSS feed? I also do links to each post on Facebook.

  2. Murder Spills the Tea and Sound of Thunder bring me to 7/13

  3. Grave Secrets, an early Kathy Reichs novel brings me to 5/13

  4. No Time Like the Future is #13! My numbers were off in my above comment. Lucky Man was #11, Every Summer After was #12. Goal achieved! Hoping to double it!

  5. Still can't get my numbers right. lol. Always Looking Up was #13, No Time Like the Future was #14, and Stiletto Sisterhood is #15. Finished it in November and finally reviewed it.