Tuesday 1 November 2022

Lipstick and Lies

Finished September 21
Lipstick and Lies by Lesley Grant-Adamson

This slowly revealing novel focuses on a murder from decades earlier, in the 1950s. The narrator is Anna, and it was her mother that was murdered back then. As the book opens, the reader learns that there are questions being asked about that long ago murder. Even though someone was convicted of the murder and hanged for it, the questions open up old memories for the few people still around.
There are memories that Anna tells the reader, ones of her and her mother. We also see Anna's present day situation, back in England after working in many places over the years. 
The organization that is asking questions is represented by two characters, one relatively new to the job. For them, this case is one of many, with links to other things that they are working on. The more senior investigator, lawyer Gillian Spry seems almost to be anticipating Anna's questions and movements. 
Anna was a child at the time, and both her and her friend Sandy were questioned about whether they saw anything, but back then it was easy to believe that children wouldn't lie. 
As the reader learns more and more about the people involved with the victim and the convicted killer back then, they have more questions themselves about what happened. 
I found this book interesting, with the narrator talking to the reader at times, sharing memories, raising questions, and revealing things without perhaps meaning to.

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