Friday 18 February 2022


Finished February 16
Sight by Adrienne Maria Vrettos

This teen novel is set in a small town in the western United States that is gradually being gentrified. The main character, Dylan is sixteen years old and living with her mom. When Dylad was just five years old, she had an experience when she zoned out and had a vision about one of her schoolmates. It threw her completely, and when she told her mom, her mom took her seriously and had her talk to the police. Her young friend had gone missing and Dylan's vision helped them to find the body of the young boy. She's had similar experiences over the years, each one leading to the discovery of a body. 
Because the authorities took DNA samples from all the men in the area back in the case that began her experiences, and didn't find a match, people started calling him the Drifter, The kids even had a song they sung about it. Dylan doesn't like talking about her experiences and none of her friends know about her ability. Only the local sheriff and deputy and her mom knew for a while. When her dad found out, he took off and she hasn't seen him in a while. 
Now she has a feeling the Drifter is back and moving closer. More people having been moving to the town of Pine Mountain recently and they just voted to change the name to Paradise Mountain. There's a new girl Cate in town too, Dylan's age, and because her dad is building a house near where Dylan lives, they get thrown together. Dylan finds herself confiding things that she never thought she would, and her old friends, Pilar, Thea, and Maybe seem to be pulling away from her. 
As Dylan begins to allow herself to focus on her visions more, trying to identify the male figure she sees, she also finds herself acknowledging the positive aspects of this unusual gift. But it isn't easy for her to make this change.
I liked the character Dylan and her friends. The community has been a close one, with the kids growing up together most of their lives, but now with the changes of gentrification, the community is adjusting slowly. 
Dylan's gift goes beyond just these visions, and she finds herself learning more about herself and her family as she begins to embrace her abilities. 

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