Saturday 12 February 2022

Queen of Dragons

Finished February 4
Queen of Dragons by Shana Abe

This is a later book in a series and I am now going back and reading the earlier ones. Here, a young woman named Maricara from the mountains of Romania is the queen of the drakon community there. But they are being threatened by locals that know of their ability to change into different forms. Maricara was born as a peasant, but she developed her skills early, and was taken from her home at a young age to be wed to the dragon leader. Now that he has passed away, she is the leader, and must worry about this threat to her people. She has become aware of men with skills like herself who have come from elsewhere and been hunted and killed nearby. She determined to go to England, where she knows where they were likely from, a small drakon community who has taken great care until now to hide themselves and their abilities. Her arrival brings both alarm and the consideration of tactics to the small community of Darkfrith. 
The chemistry between Maricara and the leader of the English community, the Earl of Chasen, is undeniable and he feels that he has the right to claim her as his own. But Maricara is a woman who knows what it is like to be claimed and held by another, and she protects her independence as she knows how. 
This is a tale that started before this book, but becomes an urgent fight for survival and the future of their kind here. 
Involving strong feelings, conflicting views on the visiting drakon, and the dangers now coming from outside their community, this is a tale that becomes more of a page-turner the further into the book one reads. 
I liked the independent nature of Maricara and the respect she earns from some of the English drakon. A good story that I want to read more of. 

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