Friday 20 August 2021

Rise & Shine, Benedict Stone

Finished August 18
Rise & Shine, Benedict Stone by Phaedra Patrick

This novel is set in the small Yorkshire town of Noon Sun. Benedict Stone is a jeweller, with his own shop that used to be his parents. When he was a young man, and his brother a child, their parents died while on a trip. Benedict took care of his brother Charlie, becoming the responsible one in the family, but something happened that caused a rift between the brothers and they haven't spoken in nearly two decades. Charlie moved to the United States, and Benedict met a woman, Estelle, and married. But now Estelle has moved into a friend's condo while the friend is away and Benedict is scared that she might not return. Benedict is in a rut in his life, caught up in a need he has created and without a passion for his work. 
When his sixteen-year-old niece Gemma arrives on his doorstep and enters his life, she causes a series of changes, in his home, his work, and his attitude. Reopening artifacts from his parents connects the two generations of the family and as Gemma learns the meaning of various gemstones, and shares them with Benedict, his friends, and his customers, it reignites his creativity. Gemma also plots various plans to bring Estelle back to him, which he finds himself following. Her presence also creates the need for Benedict to reach out to his brother, causing them both to face the past and reveal the secrets they share. 
A book that will inspire optimism. I also enjoyed learning about the meaning of various gemstones. 

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