Tuesday 3 August 2021

Meet Me in Paradise

Finished July 27
Meet Me in Paradise by Libby Hubscher

This is a story two sisters, sisters who were raised by a loving single mom who was also a journalist. Their mom died while on a story assignment when the oldest, Marin was in high school. Ever since then, Marin has played it safe and made their home a welcoming place for her sister Sadie to return to as she followed in her mom's footsteps by becoming a photojournalist. Marin had intended to become a journalist herself, and had applied to Columbia, but in the end she went to a local university and now works for an advertising company writing for their campaigns. 
As the book opens, Sadie is just returning back from another trip, and she convinces Marin to take a sisters trip with her to a tropical island resort in Saba. This is a big step for Marin as she hasn't left her home state of Tennessee in years. Things go wrong from the getgo when Sadie doesn't make the flight, urging Marin to continue and saying she'll take the next flight. As Marin adjusts to the situation, she faces weather issues, as well as her developed fear of dangerous situations.
But a helpful stranger, new friends, a beautiful place, and the challenge of the dares that arise. Sadie also has her taking pictures of her adventures to prove she is trying new things. 
As we gradually learn what has brought each of the two women to where they are in their lives, the supporting characters, from the helpful stranger to local Saba people get filled out as well. 
This is a story with both hope and sadness, with love and loss, with humour and tearful moments. 
I enjoyed the read, the characters, and the way the plot developed, including the use of letters. I also learned a lot, through Marin's adventures, about an island I'd only heard of before.

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