Monday 17 May 2021

Party of Two

Finished May 14
Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory

This lighthearted romance novel features lawyer Olivia Monroe, who has just moved back to her home state of California to start a law firm with her college friend Ellie Spencer. Olivia grew up in the Bay Area, but Ellie is settled with her family in L.A., so that's where Olivia is. For the first few days, until her stuff arrives with the movers, Olivia is staying in a hotel, and when she arrives she wants a cold Martini and fresh French fries, so she heads to the bar. 
She gets into a conversation with a man there, who is staying in the hotel due to a water issue in his neighbourhood. Only later does she realize that the man is Max Powell, a senator for California. When she runs into him again and he remembers her and their conversation and makes overtures towards her, she can't deny that there is chemistry there. But with a new law firm to get off the ground, Olivia doesn't have time to invest in a relationship she thinks.
This is a story of two people, neither of whom is actively seeking a relationship, connecting through serendipitous circumstances. It is a story of race (she's black, he's white), and politics. It is a story of balancing privacy and a public position. 
A fun read, with characters that are engaging and feel real. 

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