Monday 17 May 2021

Double-Running or Back Stitch

Finished May 6
Double-Running or Back Stitch by Louisa F. Pesel

This book was one my mom sent me, an embroidery instruction book meant for school use from 1931. Except for a couple of photographs of historical embroidery at the front of the book, all of the pictures are in black and white. There are detailed instructions, and many charts that show how to do the rows from the samplers that are included here.
The Preface was great, and I loved the last paragraph:
There is another aspect which is not always realized in this work done by the counted thread, and that is its value in regard to health. The work needs sufficient concentration to keep the mind occupied without undue strain, and I have proved by experience with my pupils the worth of this. After a short time spent in working at a design, very often the obvious weariness following a long day in school or office will disappear. In these days of rush and hurry, I believe half an hour each day spent in embroidery of this type would act as a real tonic, and, in addition, workers would have the satisfaction of knowing that they were helping to establish once more in this country the old designs made and worked by their ancestors many years ago. 
This was a great find, and I really enjoyed going through it. It will stay on my shelves as a potential resource for future work. 

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