Thursday 1 April 2021

Just Their Luck

Finished March 29
Just Their Luck by L.A. Donohoe

This romantic novel with a twist of drama has a good plotline, and the author shows definite promise. I found some of the dialogue stilted though, and there were parts where things didn't flow smoothly. I believe this is a self-published imprint, so it could be that an editor would have helped. It is also a first novel, so a good effort there.
Sarah, the main character, is a woman in her twenties who has just left her longtime boyfriend due to his cheating. She's made a dramatic exit, and left some damage behind, making her ex, Travis, somewhat vindictive. Sarah has chosen to move to the small town where her sister Terri lives with her husband A.J., and she's bought a house there. I was never clear on what Sarah did for a living though.
Arriving in town, she has a literal run-in with a local man, Sam, and they both leave the scene quite angry. It takes time and the intervention of A.J. to get them talking to each other.
As Sarah makes her house feel like home, she gets to know others in town, has an old friend and her parents come to visit, and becomes closer to Sam.
With romance, drama, and humour, this young woman moves into a new phase of her life. 

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