Sunday 11 April 2021

Everything at Last

Finished April 7
Everything at Last by Kimberly Lang

This book is part of a series set in the small coastal town of Magnolia Beach, Alabama. Molly Richards has lived in Magnolia Beach for a couple of years now, and runs a coffee shop called Latte Dah. She rents the guesthouse belonging to an older woman, Mrs. Kennedy, and here Mrs. Kennedy has to go out of town just before the annual fair and she leaves Molly in charge of the Children's Fair portion, something Mrs. Kennedy has run for years. Molly hasn't even been to the Children's Fair and she calls on her best friend Helena for moral support and advice. The fair raises money for local charities, including animal rescue and Tate Harris, local veterinarian and friend of Helena has been a little involved in the past.
As Tate helps her sort out the massive amount of paperwork Molly's been left, they also get to know each better, finding themselves drawn to each other. Molly's not been involved with anyone since she's arrived in town, and she has a past that left her in limbo. When her newfound attention with the fair brings that past to light, things get a bit dramatic. 
I liked the small town atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone's business, but has each other's back against outsiders. And I liked Molly's cat Nigel, who has quite a personality (no, there's no talking cat though). 
This is a nice romance, with a bit of drama, and women who find their own way through their difficulties in life for the most part. 

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