Friday 1 January 2021

52 Books in 52 Weeks Reading Challenge 2021

 This will be my second year trying this challenge

The challenge has different parts you can participate with. I'm going to do the Bingo

The Nobel Prize Winners: 
Baby Steps:  2 Books
Toddler:  4 books
Adolescent:  6 Books
Teenager:  8 or more Books

I'm going for Baby Steps on this part.

The Well Educated Mind portion will help me tackle some of those classic titles on my shelves. The goal is to read 3 books in one of the categories

Alphabet Soup

Since I'm planning a different challenge related to the alphabet for book titles, I'm going to do the location version of this challenge. 

Dusty and Chunky
I'm going to skip the not buying books as I participate in some book subscriptions, but I will do the Dusty and the Chunky portions. Here are the levels: 
Dusty Books
Safe in the Harbor - 2 Books
Sail on Sweet Sister - 4 Books
Life in the Dark Water  - 6 Books
Beyond the Sea  - 8 Books
The Voyage  - 10 Books or more

Chunky Books - Come Sail Away 

The Tide is High  - 2 books
Down to the Water Line  - 4 books
Big Boat  - 6 books
 Big Ship Sailing  - 8 books
Mother Ocean  - 10 books or more

I'm going to go for The Voyage level for the Dusty portion, and the Down to the Water Line level for the Chunky portion. Chunky here consists of at least 500 pages. 

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