Monday 13 July 2020

The Murder List

Finished July 3
The Murder List by Hank Phillippi Ryan

This novel follows Rachel North a law intern, formerly chief of staff to a senator. When she was working for the senator, she got called for jury duty. She went, but the woman who stepped up to fill in for her was a newcomer to the office and soon after the trial, she was found dead near a dumpster. The lawyer for the defendant Jack Kirkland has approached Rachel to ask some questions surrounding the jury's experience, and is with Rachel when she hears the news. He also represents the person charged with the murder.
In the present, Rachel has married Jack, and is now in law school. She has been selected as an intern in a D.A.'s office, Martha Gardiner, the D.A. who worked the case of the dead woman from the senator's office.  Jack is not thrilled that she working for Martha, but Rachel sees it as an opportunity.
There is more going on than the reader realizes at first though, and both Martha and Jack are strong characters who don't like to let things go.
As Rachel works with Martha, she finds herself being drawn into the case from the past in an interesting way.

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