Wednesday 15 July 2020

The Iron Queen

Finished July 10
The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

I started this book quite a while ago, having read the first two in this fantasy series for teens. Somehow it got set aside and I recently picked it up again. It continues the story of Meghan Chase and picks up where The Iron Daughter left off.
Meghan is with her mortal father and Ash working to improve her skills as something has happened to make her ill when she uses fairy magic. She and Ash and Puck have been banished from fairyland, but an emissary is sent to request their return to fight the new Iron King who is bent on destroying the lands of Summer and Winter in Faery forever. They are losing ground everyday, and they believe that Meghan is their only hope to survive. Meghan is unsure of her ability to win, but she is willing to try, with several conditions, including all three having their banishment withdrawn.
Meghan grows over the course of this book, both in her powers and her understanding. There is a lot going on, and characters from the previous books in the series return here.
I liked the various creatures that Kagawa has created for this series, and their abilities and quirks. I like the mischievousness of Puck, and the loyalty of Ash, and I like to see Meghan both have concerns and deal with them. She's an interesting character and a good female character in terms of independence.
As usual, because this is not the last book in the series, the ending does leave you wanting to know more and I know I have the next book here somewhere, so will be digging it out soon.

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