Saturday 28 March 2020

The Lost Husband

Finished March 7
The Lost Husband by Katherine Center

This heartwarming book follows Libby Moran as she starts a new life. Two years ago, Libby lost her husband Danny in an accident. The accident also injured her daughter Abby, who now walks with a slight limp. Shortly after that Libby moved in with her mom, with the two kids, Abby and Tank sleeping in the guest room, and Abby on the couch. Her mother bristles with resentment and makes Libby feel even worse than she does already. So when a letter comes from her mother's sister, Libby's Aunt Jean, offering a place to live on her farm in exchange for the farm work that Jean is no longer physically able to do, Libby jumps at it.
Her mother immediately tries to dissuade her, which doesn't make sense to Libby as she knows her mother doesn't want them in her apartment. Libby moves quickly, and finds her aunt Jean different than she expected, and the farm something she can get used to.
As Libby drives with the kids into town, she nearly runs down a woman at an intersection, and the woman offers to help Libby find her lost husband, hence the title of the book. As Libby grows to know more about her and her situation, she makes a friend as well.
This is a book about loss, but also hope. The chance to make a fresh start, as Libby does on her aunt's goat farm, and to learn more about her past as well.

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