Tuesday 31 December 2019

The Last Lie

Finished December 23
The Last Lie by Alex Lake

This suspense novel revolves around a marriage. Claire Daniels lost her mother when she was young, and has chosen a different field than her father to focus her energies on. She wants to create her own family and believes that her husband Alfie shares her dreams. But Alfie has used his relationship with Claire for his own purposes, and has very different dreams for the future. Dreams that don't include her. Alfie is a very unlikeable character, and Claire is more naive in her personal life than she should be. Both of them have images of what their spouse is that don't align with reality.
As Alfie puts his plan in place, sudden events cause him to rethink and open everyone up to reacting to events as they happen, and plans must be adjusted.
There are so many lies in this book that the reader must sift through, looking for what is real. A quick read.

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