Wednesday 6 March 2019

Sometimes I Lie

Finished February 22
Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

This is an interesting book.Amber Reynolds is in hospital after a car accident. But at first she doesn't know that. To others she appears to be in a coma, but in reality she slips in and out of awareness. As she gradually learns why she is there from the people around her, and begins to remember the missing days of her memory, we also learn about her childhood, and about her present day life.
We learn about her job gradually, and about her relationship with her sister and her parents. But as the books title says, sometimes she lies. But of course she isn't the only one who lies, and so, as the reader, one isn't sure how much to believe, or who to believe.
As you gradually learn about what really happened, sorting out what is true from what isn't, you also find your mind influenced by information that you assume.
This was a very interesting thriller, with a very intriguing ending.

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