Wednesday 6 March 2019

Night of Miracles

Finished February 20
Night of Miracles by Elizabeth Berg, read by the author

This novel features a few characters that live in a small town in Missouri called Mason. Lucille has lived in Mason all her life, and is in her eighties. Her mind is still keen, and she holds strong to her values. She never married, but has a young woman in her life, Maddy, that she treats as a daughter, and whose young daughter Nola considers her a grandmother. Lucille has been teaching baking classes, but they've been getting more popular, and she is looking to take on an assistant. She has also recently made friends with her new neighbours, Jason and Abby, a couple with a young son, Lincoln. As Abby faces some health issues, Lucille spends time with Lincoln, making a new friend.
Iris Winters is new to town, leaving Boston after the breakup of her marriage, a decision she still revisits. She befriends her neighbour Tiny, who runs a local taxi business. Tiny is a large man with a big heart, and he begins to ask Iris's advice on his love life.
At the local diner, Polly's Henhouse, one of the waitresses, Monica, is beginning to take steps outside her comfort zone after the recent death of her much-loved mother. She's long had a crush on one of her regulars, and begins to consider how to make a move to indicate her interest.
As we get inside the heads of Lucille, Iris, Monica, and Tiny, we see the importance of relationships and communication. All the lives of these people are intertwined and as they grow closer, they also overcome barriers.
This is a story of love, of loss, of friendship, and of new beginnings. I really enjoyed it. And the baking made my mouth water.

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