Thursday 2 April 2015

The Love Bunglers

Finished April 2
The Love Bunglers by Jaime Hernandez, illustrated by Jaime Hernandez

This graphic novel follows a woman from the age of about ten into her middle age. Perla, also known as Maggie, is the oldest child of four in her family and as the book begins the family is moving from the city to join her father in the town he works in. After a period living there where the older of her two brothers undergoes a difficult abusive relationship, the family is split, and Maggie, her mother. sister, and younger brother return to the city.
We see the family relationships, the long term friendships, the ongoing relationships and the character development.
We know about Maggie's brother's situation in a way she never does.
We know her struggles over the years.
I genuinely liked the characters here, felt for the pain they underwent and rooted for them to come through.
I really enjoyed this book.

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