Thursday 20 February 2014

Lost Cause

Finished February 19
Lost Cause by John Wilson

This is the second book in Seven: The Series, which started with the novel Between Heaven and Earth by Eric Walters. This is the story of Steve, the younger twin brother of DJ, from the first book in the series. Steve didn't get on with his grandfather as well as his brother or some of his cousins, but he finds himself intrigued by the task that his grandfather has set for him, and pleased that it offers him the chance to go to Europe, which he had wanted to do this summer but wasn't sure he could raise the money to do. The task is framed as a bit of a mystery, and it takes Steve to Spain to uncover his grandfather's past. He discovers his grandfather fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War as part of the International Brigades. He also discovered his grandfather's early romance, and together with a young Spanish girl, he uses the material he discovers to trace his grandfather's footsteps to discover a story that isn't as straightforward as he first thought it might be. 
This gives us some history in the context of the Spanish Civil War, and the geography of the area around Barcelona where Steve's grandfather fought. Like DJ, we see Steve develop as a character as he ventures out on his own for the first time. 
Another enjoyable read.

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  1. I really liked this one too. I'm not really up on the Spanish Civil War so found that saspect very interesting. John Wilson is a great historical fiction writer; I was glad to see him included amongst the authors.