Tuesday 17 September 2013

Quantum of Tweed

Finished September 16
Quantum of Tweed: the man with the Nissan Micra by Conn Iggulden

This short novel is wonderfully humorous. Albert Rossi owns a menswear store in Eastcote, suburban London. Driving home one evening a man runs out in front of his car and Albert hits and kills him, a terrible accident. While out of his car checking on the victim, Albert is approached by someone else, unseen by him, who warns him off. And the farce begins.
Later that night when Albert receives a phone call from a mysterious caller who sounds like Stephen Hawking, he takes a step in a new career direction, that of hitman.
As Albert clumsily fumbles his way through his next couple of jobs, which he took to pull himself out of a bad financial situation, he discovers he may be in over his head. He knows his menswear, easily able to identify quality goods, but is unfamiliar with dealing with the tools of the assassin.
This is a lovely little novel of an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation.

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