Thursday 26 September 2013

Oxford Knot

Finished September 26
Oxford Knot by Veronica Stallwood

This is the second time I've read this book (the first was quite a few years ago) and I'd forgotten enough of the details to come to it fairly fresh.
This is part of the series featuring writer Kate Ivory, and here Kate is approached at the last minute to be part of an author tour. She is paired with historical bodice-ripper author Devlin Hayle, who provides lots of entertainment and a fair bit of worry. Devlin has many issues, and unrealistic expectations, causing embarrassment and evasive action.
Kate's librarian friend Andrew has been spending a lot of time at her house trying new recipes and assisting in the development of Kate's young neighbour Harley. Also assisting with Harley's education is Kate's friend Paul. The two men agree to look after her house, the animals and Harley while she is off on tour. But something terrible happens and Kate is forced to return home to deal with the unexpected tragedy and try to figure out why it happened.
With lots of intrigue, uncertainty and a fair bit of humour, Kate steps up to the challenges and faces her fans with equilibrium.

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