Thursday 15 August 2013

Lonely Doll books

Finished August 15
The Lonely Doll by Dare Wright
Edith and Mr. Bear by Dare Wright
Edith and Midnight by Dare Wright
Edith and the Duckling by Dare Wright
The Doll and the Kitten by Dare Wright
Holiday for Edith and the Bears by Dare Wright

I had heard the book The Lonely Doll mentioned in a discussion of children's books that people found creepy and decided that I had to see for myself. Then I found that there were a whole series of these books, all around Edith, the Lonely Doll. I ordered some to see what they were like.
The stories in these picture books are simple, told in short text with large black and white photographs of the doll and other characters posed in situations, acting out the story. They are quite different, and I didn't find them creepy at all. The first book was originally published in 1957, and that explains the only action in the book that I thought might be an issue, when the doll and her friend Little Bear get spanked after doing something naughty. Given the time period, spanking was quite acceptable as a punishment, although it no longer is. Generally though these books teach lessons by experience, and one sees real affection between the characters. I found them very engaging.
The author had a career as a fashion model before becoming a photographer, and I found the fact that she was born in Canada another interesting tidbit.

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  1. I remember reading these when I was a kid in the 70s from the library. Not sure we had them all but I definitely remember the first two! Didn't know she was Canadian! Cool! I loved the photographed toy books. There were those other ones that has a holographic image on the front and had all sorts of stuffed animals and puppets posed inside!