Monday 5 August 2013

Evil in All Its Disguises

Finished August 5
Evil in All Its Disguises by Hilary Davidson

Lily Moore is back again, this time invited to Acapulco by a travel PR agent to write up the area. But Lily's first encounter besides the hotel staff is another travel writer, Skye McDermott, who is very unhappy and not like the Skye Lily is used to. In the middle of a discussion Skye excuses herself and never returns, leaving Lily with her purse and all its contents.
The next thing Lily discovers is the hotel has changed ownership, a fact that would have changed her mind about coming on the trip had she known. As Lily starts to question Skye's disappearance and the hotel's lack of guests, she gets more and more worried, and not just for Skye.
Even if she makes it out of Acapulco, will she be safe? There seems to be a lot at stake here and Lily is a good investigator, but she doesn't always make the right choices of who to trust.
A good plot with a fast pace that will keep you reading.

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