Sunday, 16 June 2013

Son of a Gun

Finished June 15
Son of a Gun byAnne de Graaf

This is a children's novel about child soldiers in Africa. The main characters here are a brother and sister, Lucky and Nopi, 8 and 10 respectively as the trouble in their lives begins. Their story is told in alternating voices and for part of the story they are together, but for much of it, they are separated. Their story is in Liberia, but it is representative of many in Africa in recent years.
The author provides a brief introduction, and a lot of factual information at the end of the book, including maps, facts about Liberia and its history, copies of posters and newspaper articles, facts about child soldiers and writings and drawings by these children.
This is a good introduction to the subject, but I would still encourage parents to discuss the book with their child before and after reading.


  1. I know so very little about all of this in Africa, but when told through children it just makes me so sad. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. A book about child soldiers for children? I find the subject upsetting enough as it is, not sure if my children could stand it. Then again, we visited the Red Cross International Museum in Geneva recently and they had witness statements from former child soldiers and my kids were fascinated, so maybe...