Saturday 15 June 2013

Ghost Town

Finished June 15
Ghost Town by Phoebe Rivers

This is the first book in the Saranormal series. Sara is twelve and she and her father have just moved to New Jersey from California. But the house they move into is an old Victorian, and Sara sees ghosts. Moving into a house full of them isn't what Sara wants, but she doesn't really have a choice.
Luckily there is a girl her age, Lily, who lives just down the street and is eager to make friends with her. But Sara keeps feeling the sadness of the ghosts in her house. She also wonders just how much her downstairs neighbour Lady Azura knows despite her business as a psychic and fortune teller. And most of all she worries about the ghost she sees near the haunted house, the ghost that talks to her wanting her to do something.
A good story aimed at readers from 8-12. Sara has the normal worries of a girl her age, plus a few extra ones due to her special abilities.

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